Het Ottenshoes

Our main tour is Het Ottenshoes, a farmhouse restored to how it looked in 1860. It includes:

Orvelte Dagboek

“I went to the farm land and went into a sod hut for the first time.  The ceiling was low and it was dark and dank.  Eight people live in one room together with their small stock.”


This is a fragment from the diary of a teacher who lived and worked in Orvelte around 1900.  She later emigrated to the United States.  But why?  A broken heart?  What, exactly, happened in this village?  In a quarter of an hour you will learn from a spectacular three-screen film what happened at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Period Rooms in the Saxon Farmhousesaksische_boerderij_het_ottenhoes_museum_rondleiding_orvelte_drenthe

Our guides then take you around the farmhouse of the Otten family. Here you get an impression of life in Drenthe villages in the nineteenth century. The farmhouse, restored to look like one from that period, has many of the objects used at the time:  clothing, furniture, traditional box beds, and much more.

Length: About one hour.


Adults € 5,00 p.p.
Children 5 t/m 14 years € 2,50 p.p.
Family (2 adults plus 2 children) € 12,50 p.p.
Group (10 people or more) € 3,50 p.p.

De Ambachtentuin

As of June 5, the workshop will be open again in Orvelte. The forge, the clog factory and the sawmill can be visited. The fire pit, stove museum and children’s workshop are closed.
Tickets are available at the Orvelte Poort (Dorpsstraat 3) and at the Ambachtentuin.

In the month of June, the workshop is only open on weekends. The times for the demonstrations are: 11.00, 12.15, 13.30, 14.45 and 16.00.

When visiting the workshop, the rules of the RIVM apply, group size is 6 people, a mask is mandatory and a distance of 1.5 meters is to be maintained.

Length: About one hour.


Adults € 4,50 p.p.
Children 5 t/m 15 years € 2,50 p.p.
(Children must by accompanied by an adult)

Walking tour through the traditional village of Orvelte

Walk through Orvelte with one of our guides and learn more about the history, traditional way of life, the tollhouse, and much more. 

This tour may be conducted outside normal opening times by advance reservation.

Length: About one hour.

Price: €4.50 per person.

Walk to the Iron Age and Back Again

10548897_675479285881409_8785515644775311587_oOn this walk one of our guides takes you to the beautiful area outside the village. You are led through the village to the reconstructed Iron Age farmhouse and back through the restored natural landscape in a journey through the time of the first settlers, the Romans, the Saxons, and later Dutch farmers. Depending on where the sheep are grazing, you may meet up with a flock. Or perhaps our guide will find you other surprises. Be sure to wear good walking shoes.

This tour may be conducted outside normal opening times by advance reservation.

Length: About 1½ hours.

Price: €5 per person.


10011305_592544094174929_1273937093376012072_nLearn about honeybees and the history of apiary.

In the Orvelte Poort visitor center there is a short film about the production of honey, information about the life of honeybees, and a display of various traditional beekeeping items and beehives.

There is also a chandler who demonstrates the making the traditional rolled beeswax candles.

Natural local honey, honey-based items, and beeswax candles are also available for purchase.